Political Challenges

I get it, Political Observers love challenges as much as anyone. What bigger challenges than the opposing political parties. Dems vs. GOPs, an intricate web of deceit and drama being played out on the political stage. Where fear addicts are exploited and victimized for the personal gratification of a few wealthy people. Astute observers were so bored with this play, we desired and created the most prolific Presidency of our lifetime. With that said, let’s get to partying up in this bitch. 😀

Some of us crave enthusiasm, yes, feelings of excitement, joy, happiness, you name it. We feel the same way about politics. Who in their right mind would sign up to feel like a winner for only one day every two (2) or four (4) years. That has to be exhausting, no wonder millions of people are angry, I would be too. But, feeling enthusiastic everyday because we do live in a Democracy is awesome.

Oh, and by the way, feeling excited about Income Equality, nourishes the seeds of a fifteen ($15) dollar minimum wage federal law. I’m just saying! 😀

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