The National Dialogue on Income Equality

Unbeknownst to corporate media, the national dialogue on Income Equality is loud. Everyday, more and more Americans feel worthy of Income Equality. It’s contagious and quite frankly, feels good. The more I think about Income Equality, the happier I feel. For me Income Equality means a fifteen ($15) dollar minimum wage federal law. Equality knows how to win, so relax, feel the excitement you deserve. 😀

Grifters masquerading as Politicians are as entertaining as the main character in the movie Psycho, Norman Bates. The shower scene in the movie Psycho exploited the fears of people watching it, Grifters do the same thing and then some. They exploit people’s fears by keeping them feeling insecure while holding out the carrot stick of security.

Believe it or not, the Oligarchy has left the building. Democracy is partying up in this bitch.

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