You’ll Be Alright

You are an unique and precious human being, ever doing the best your awareness permits, every growing in wisdom and love.

I’m still partying up in this bitch, because I’m happy. Happy that I’m a success to the degree that I feel warm and loving towards myself. Happy because no one in the entire world is more or less worthy, more or less important than me. Happy because I’m a action person, I do first things first and on thing at a time.

Every dark rain cloud has a silver lining. The best is yet to come. Creativity awaits you. Your healing power is unlimited. If you’re generous in times of trouble, you’ll be generous in times of abundance. This is a perfect moment to say, “Yes, I’m worthy of Democracy.” How we preserve Democracy will be fun. C’mon, time to ignore ego, scoff at fear, and get to partying up in this bitch. I don’t ask for much, do I? 😀

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