A 6000 Year Old Grudge

You heard it first from me, so yea, I deserve credit for revealing that most “Religious” men have a 6000 year old grudge against women. I know, you’re like WTF. C’mon, for 6000 years Eve has been synonymous with the fall of men because she tempted Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. In today’s world, most “Religious” men still hold onto this 6000 year old grudge. I’m not kidding, just witness how Republicans vilify women for their own personal gratifications. So, when Republicans say there’s no war against women, believe them, because Republicans have a 6000 year old grudge against women. Relax everybody, Republicans are still living in the Book of Genesis, Liberals are light years ahead of them. We live in a Democracy and we honor everyone’s worthiness.

I get up every morning and I try to figure out, how to make at least one person feel relaxed. 😀

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