The Comeuppance of Climate Deniers

What else has to happen to convince you that we’re living in a Democracy? Holy smokes, the biggest clue that we’re living in a Democracy, came from a corporate bully named Richard Berman. On the weekend before the 2014 mid-term elections that will determine the majority of the Senate, the scheme known as, “Climate Denier Scam” was inadvertently revealed to the world. C’mon, either Richard Berman came out of the closet as an Environmentalist, or he just opened the curtains to the most vile illusion called, “Climate Denier Scam.” Either way, the Climate Denier’s revenge against Republican candidates will be best served cold. Republicans just lost millions of voters known as Climate Deniers, because their [Climate Deniers] worst fear came true. They had been duped by Republicans from day one. Republicans have known for a long time that they can’t win elections, because they’ve shrunk so small, they fit inside a bathtub.

C’mon, Liberals, admit it, we’re spoiled. The POTUS is an strategic genius just like we are. That’s way we’re partying up in this bitch. 😀

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