Corporations Are People

Wall street is the heart and our military industrial complex is the brain. Wall Street pumps the life source known as money into the veins of these corporate people and our military industrial complex’s ultimate goal is world domination. Any obstacles in the corporate person’s way is dealt with swiftly and efficiently by a corporate media apparatus. In warp speed, this corporate media apparatus can whip up hysteria for millions of Americans, all based on fear mongering. Look, Romney Billionaires show a callous disregard for the rights and feelings of their own constituents, now that’s brutal.

As an astute observer, I’m more interested in the phenom currently residing inside the White House. Apparently President Obama is more fortunate than those expresses envy and resentment towards him. You know we’re living in a Democracy when a member of the George H. W. Bush family (A historic story of political ineptitude) is mud slinging. Ok, enough laughing, I know, it’s hilarious…pause for laughter…C’mon, did Romney Billionaires willingly jump into the George H. W. Bush self-defeating boat? I’m not surprise, this pervasive pattern of aligning with political failures reveals one thing, corporate people have mental disorders. Damn!

You and I are worthy of Democracy, we are worthy of Income Equality, and we honor every American’s worthiness. Amen!

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