Give Him Enough Rope and He’ll Hang Himself

Looking for clues that we’re living in a Democracy has its benefits. It has come to my attention that Chris Christie is experiencing a nervous breakdown, in front of every American paying attention to politics. Now to be fair, Christie was not the first nor will he be the last. However, to astute observers, we see this as a perfect example of, “Give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself.” Chris Christie was the protege President for Romney Billionaires in 2016 and today his mental state is deteriorating faster than the minds of FOXNEWS viewers.

On the other hand, the privilege of being a student of President Obama’s Infinite Patience, priceless. Infinite Patience produces immediate results and one of the reasons why Liberals are partying up in this bitch. You feeling me? 😀

Tis better to be prepared for opportunity and not have one, then to have an opportunity and not be prepared. Liberals are celebrating today, we’re having a party up in here with Income Equality. DJ, “A fifteen ($15) dollar minimum wage federal law” is providing the music and you’re invited.

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