Income Equality is Here to Stay

Relax and just look for the clues that Income Equality is already here. Case in point, Romney Billionaires sic their bully to vilify the minimum wage debate going on up in this bitch. C’mon, I’m keeping it real, when I say that Romney Billionaires inadvertently waved the white flag, they surrendered, we should be dancing. Oh, and by the way, Romney Billionaire’s last stand against Income Equality, should win the 2014 worst political mistake trophy. Just saying! 😀

Democracy is aligned with our consciousness of abundance and the reason why Income Equality is already here to stay. My desire for honoring the worthiness of millions of American workers beget a fifteen ($15) dollar minimum wage federal law. The reasons why I’m partying up in this bitch, because the clues are aplenty that Income Equality is here to stay.

I know everything about me and I still love me. The path to Democracy starts within, then the fun begins. You’ll feel more relaxed, worthy, and optimistic about looking for the clues. The clues that your desires are already here. 😀

This is a perfect moment to feel the power of Income Equality flowing effortlessly within you, because you and I are worthy.

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