Liberals are Partying Up in this Bitch

There will be no apology for dancing and romancing up in this bitch. We stood up to Resistance, felt every underhanded, deceitful, and painful punch below the belt and we didn’t fall down. As a matter of fact, we gave the last punch. We had earned the right to partying up in this bitch, are you feeling me? 😀  We can agree to disagree on Income Equality and knowing that and feeling that is Democracy.

My question to anyone is, “Why spend one second feeling insecure when you could be dancing, romancing, and partying for Equality.” Particularly, Income Equality. We can agree to disagree on the amount of the increase, ten, ten ($10.10) or fifteen ($15) dollar minimum wage law, but we can agree it’s time to party up in this bitch.

First of all, the greatest version of the Presidency for me is President Obama. He is the epitome of Infinite Patience, Grace Under Fire, and aligned with Intelligence. Nevertheless, I know that the storm of negativity swirling around President Obama, comes with the territory, it’s no big deal. Relax, as long as you step into the center of the storm and feel the power of his long lists of achievements, you’ll be partying up in this bitch.