We Should Be Dancing Up in this Bitch

Are you kidding me, the wrath of Republicans is a joke. Oh, you don’t know? Oops, by bad. Well, since the cat is out the bag…Republican’s have only one agenda and that’s helping Romney Billionaires accumulate more wealth. Their simple strategies are:

1. Vilifying poor people for their own personal gratification.

2. Show a callous disregard for the rights and feelings of other.

3. Keep people forever feeling insecurity, while holding out the carrot stick of security.

Knowing that, why would anyone be afraid of Republicans? Oh, you don’t know? Fear is the key to a Romney Billionaire’s society. So if you’re living in fear, well…But listen, can I have your attention, please. We also live in a Democracy and it’s no secret to anyone living here, that security is an illusion. Instead, feelings of peace resonates in our Democracy. With peace comes equality, with equality come justice and so forth. Those who resist Democracy, resist peace, so they are no threat, why make them a threat?

That’s all you got.” My response to every Republican and then I move on to:

Look at what Liberals bring to the table:

1. The power of Infinite Patience, President Obama

2. The power of Wisdom, Michelle Obama

3, The power of I’m Every Woman, Hillary Clinton

4. The greatest version of, “The Speaker of the House,” Nancy Pelosi

5. The Brilliant mind of Bill Clinton

6. The power of Enlightenment, Sonia Sotomayor.

7. The Everything She Touches turns to Gold, Beyonce

8. The Entrepreneurship power of Jay-Z

9. The multi-talented, compassionate, and ageless, Barbara Streisand

10.The Epitome of Intellect, Eva Longoria

I can go on, but you get the picture, then there’s a long list of President Obama’s accomplishments, http://browarddemocrats.org/long-list-president-obamas-accomplishments-citations/. We also have boots on the ground, meaning Americans aligned with justice for all, Income Equality, Marriage Equality, Immigration Reform, Voter Equality, etc…are marching in the streets. C’mon, lets celebrate, we should be dancing up in this bitch. 😀