Gluttony is Insanity

Listen, I didn’t make the rules, I’m just reporting the news as it comes to me. When it comes to GLBT Americans the “It’s against the bible crowd” have no qualms restricting their [GLBT] constitutional rights, but ignore gluttony up in this bitch. Gluttony is the over-indulgence on wealth to the degree of wasting money on keeping millions of Americans feeling insecure, while holding out the carrot stick of security. All I can say is, “Cleopatra wasn’t the only queen of denial.” 

Contrary to what Romney Billionaires tell us, truth be told, nobody in their right minds would sign up to living in a society where the misplaced desire for wealth and/or vilifying the needy is the norm. This trickle down economic scam is old, stale, and outdated. I get it and say this with kindness, “Romney Billionaires, keep all of your ill-gotten money, keep buying up politicians, and do whatever it takes to making you happy, but I’m taking my talents to live in our Democracy.”

Democracy feels exciting, thrilling, and abundant. A fifteen (15) dollar minimum wage law, is the norm. Voting rights are the norm. Marriage equality is the norm, you get the vision. 😀

Sign up to living in a Democracy by early voting or voting on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.