Look For The Clues

Liberals, I get it, some of us needed to jump back into the storm, I really can’t blame you, holy smokes, there was a treasure chest of profiting off the vilification of the first Black POTUS. I say this with kindness, I know all about you and I still love you and believe you’re worthy. Cause when it comes to equality, you and I are on the same page. With all this misunderstanding about Liberals blaming President Obama for the lost of their momentum, holy smokes, it was the perfect excuse to jump back into the storm. All I can say is, “This is a perfect moment to step back into the center and feel the power of Equality.” It means looking for clues that we are living in a Democracy.

Here’s one clue, the cost of settling for hate, if voters knew better, they’d do better. Are you angry at a selective group of voters, be not shy. I feel you, I’ve been in that storm and could easily go back. Its very seductive, almost too good to pass up. I say this with kindness, “None of us are perfect, angry is wacko, and case closed.” What really matters, is that you and I focus on being our greatest version.

You and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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