Romney Billionaires are stuck in the 20th Century

I’m very happy for them. Look, Democracy is compatible with equality, i.e., Income Equality, Marriage Equality, Voting Equality, you get the picture! Truth be told, nobody in their right mind wants anything to do with Romney Billionaires, aka, Gordon Gekkos, you know the, “Greed is good,” mentality. Seriously, Romney Billionaires pay little if no taxes, but bemoan how our Government spends tax payer revenue on social programs helping poor working Americans, the consequences of Romney Billionaire’s trickled down economic fantasy. Never a dull moment! đŸ˜€

Contrary to what many Americans believe, Democrats do not want to tax the Romney Billionaires ill-gotten money. Little known fact, Americans can flourish in a Democracy without Romney Billionaires. C’mon, from slicing up our Government and selling it off to the highest bidder, to inequality at every turn, to shipping American jobs overseas to China, to scapegoating, to war profiteering, to paying little or no taxes, and practicing every deceptive way to steal elections, thanks, but NO THANKS! What mystifies me and probably most people, is why would anyone sign up to live in a Romney Billionaire society? Nothing but fear is served 24/7. Where scapegoating is the main course, and for dessert, racism, homophobia, and paranoia. So, again, thanks, but NO THANKS!

I get it, Conservatives gave Romney Billionaires the impression that every politician in American are groupies. The status of having “Relationships” with Romney Billionaires had its hay days in the 20th Century, but today, those days are gone. Romney Billionaires belong in the Smithsonian museums in a section called, “Trickled Down Economics” a prelude to Democracy.

Democrats have 99 problems, but Romney Billionaires ain’t one!

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