The Wisdom of Truth

It shall be written that Democrats DO NOT WANT TO TAX ROMNEY BILLIONAIRES’ ill-gotten money. On the contrary, we, Democrats are focused on spending some of our tax payer monies, helping poor working class Americans. We really don’t give a rat’s azz if Romney Billionaires want to keep all their ill-gotten money, stash it away in their Cayman Island bank accounts, and keep avoiding paying taxes on it. Here’s the real deal, Democrats don’t want anything to do with Romney Billionaire’s wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

It shall be written that Democrats DO NOT WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS. On the contrary, Democrats are mystified to how the NRA can still get away with vilifiying gun control advocates, while simultaneously masking their [the NRA’s] aggressive intent of profiting from exploiting gun owners worst fears.

It shall be written that Democrats DO NOT WANT FORCED ABORTIONS and THEY DO NOT WANT FORCED BIRTHS. The majority of pro-life Americans are complicit in supporting forced abortions. Every time pro-life advocates patronize Americans stores buying merchandise from countries that force abortions on women, they are supporting forced abortions. But, pro-life groups stand on their pulpits, point their fingers at pro-choice advocates, calling them murderers. Seriously, pro-life advocates, look in your closet, see those, “Made in China” tags on your clothes, it means three fingers are pointed at you!

Only in America, can suppressing women’s rights and suppressing the vote, discrimination against same-sex couples, income inequality, etc…are business as usual, the price of being an American, and my favorite, paid for by tax payers. Can I get an Amen? Our Government’s revenue comes from the 99%, but the Romney Billionaires have the audacity to bitch and moan about tax payer money being spent on poor working class Americans, the consequences of the Romney Billionaires trickle down economic fantasy. Amazingly, these same Romney Billionaires are pacified when tax payer money is being spent forcing their trickle down economic fantasy on every American. We’ll find out on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, how many Americans vote for Trickle up Economics which includes, but is not limited to, increasing the minimum wage to fifteen (15) dollars.

You and I are worthy of a Democracy.