Big Pimpin

Listen up Romney billionaires, nobody in their right mind would tax your ill-gotten money. We pimpin, spending cheese on a fifteen (15) dollar minimum wage law and we don’t give a rat’s azz about increasing your taxes. Here’s some unsolicited advice, “Be careful what you wish for,” because from my perch, those Romney billionaires impersonating  “The boy who cried wolf”, must have forgotten that, nobody believes a liar, even when he is telling the truth. 

Because you and I know, when we meet a GOPer, we won’t find any knowledge from their lips, so, is it better that GOPers meet a bear robbed of her clubs, than a duped self-declared independent voter bent on revenge.  I’m just saying!

Relax, we’ll be alright, nobody said this stance for the middle class was going to be easy. You and I know exactly what to do, to gettin this party started on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Get out to VOTE!

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