Do I Recognize Your Worthiness?

I have no illusions about self-declared independent voters and what they bring to the political table,  With that said, every hard working American is no more or no less worthy of Income Equality than any CEO. Your thoughts on Income Equality and other challenges that we face each day, do determine our election results. I honor you and your worthiness, because you’ve grown beyond ego and fear. You love your children more, than you were conditioned to hate the first Black POTUS.

Since education is the great equalizer, lets not pretend why small government ideologists want to rewrite history. Well as a consequence, history will not be kind to those small government ideologists.

From the Fables of Tickle Up Economics
Van Jones on how to be “An Owner Not Just an Consumer.” Enjoy
Van Jones On How To Be “An Owner, Not Just a Consumer” [VIDEO]

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