I’ll Ease Your Pain

You were quickly deceived by five SCOTUS Justices when they sided with Austerity by renaming it Citizens United. You felt rage at being so gullible and/or naive. After feeling enraged, you felt embarrassment, unworthiness, and abandonment. Today, you’ve taken responsibility for your culpability and you’ve moved on to feeling worthy. You love your children, more than you hate the first Black POTUS, and you’ve manifested into a more kinder, gentler, and loving person. Self-declared independent voters, welcome home! First things first, a fifteen (15) dollar minimum wage law. Lets do this! 😀

We’ve all been there, duped in one way or another, by some snake oil salesman/woman and yes, it sucks. You’re not alone, your life matters, and you have the opportunity to give back, because you are worthy.

C’mon, Citizens United legalized the selling of our Government to the highest bidder, but inadvertently it gave those self-declared independent voters who swayed the 2010 elections from Democrats to Republicans,  feelings of deep betrayal. You’ll be alright and you’ll know what to do, when the time comes. 😀

On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, I’m going to say, “NO” to austerity by voting, “YES” to Democracy.

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