The Political Game You Didn’t Know You Were Playing

What if I told you that Democratic voters showed up in the 2010 elections in par with the 2008 elections, but it was the self-declared independent voters, that swayed the election results in 2010 from Democrats to Republicans. I know what you’re thinking, WTF. Well, if you thought that was stunning, this manipulative game was even more deceptive. Democrats were manipulated with two lies, the first one, that Democrats don’t turn out to vote for midterm elections, and second, in 2010 the Tea Party was responsible for the Republicans majority in the House and seats in the Senate. Which brings me to the game you didn’t know you were playing. Democrats were duped into being angry at their own base. As a consequence, Democrats are in a 21st Century war with Republicans, over voting rights, talk about repeating history. Listen, all is not lost, there are infinite winning strategies for Democrats to call upon, so don’t be afraid to let yours show. Here’s my strategy, I’ll keep reminding Republicans that the only reason they are so hell bent on restricting voting rights, because self-declared independent voters felt ashamed and remorseful for swaying the 2010 elections in favor of Republicans. The best part, self-declared independent voters look forward to loving their children more, than hating the first Black POTUS. Game Over.

Relaxed, enjoy this journey, because Democracy is winning.

Ok, on to bigger and better things, how much fun will it be nominating extremely intelligent, conscientiousness of abundance, and grace under fire, Democratic candidates into elected offices? 😀

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