Paging Dr. Income Equality

to the Emergency room, there’s a patient with a enormous self-inflicted wound from an acute disease known as scarcity contentiousness. The patience’s name is, “NFL.” He tried to cover up his wounds, but to no prevail. Like any wound that goes untreated, infection steps in. The oozing of scandals had taken a toll on the patient, he is weak, vulnerable, and desperate. Time for some anti-scarcity medication. A daily prescription of support for a fifteen(15) dollar minimum wage law will heal this wound expeditiously. Oh, and by the way, symptoms such as hiring a women to replace Roger Goodell and a no tolerance policy on domestic violence and or child abuse will occur.

On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, you and I can give permission to Dr. Income Equality to treat the disease known as scarcity contentiousness on other patients with a self-inflicted wound of paying their hourly workers an insidiously low wage. By voting for a fifteen (15) dollar minimum wage law, we can start the healing process for millions of Americans. Remember, we’re all in this together…Tickle up Economics.

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