Pro-Life Scam

Prove me wrong, but I would love to see pro-life groups and pro-life politicians, go after corporate hospitals for providing safe and legal abortions. Seriously, I would love to see the conservative SCOTUS Justices rule in favor of pro-life groups to picket outside the front doors of any corporate hospital. I would love to see pro-life politicians pass legislation threatening to close down a corporate hospital for providing abortions. I would love to see pro-life groups vilify and stalk the doctors working in corporate hospitals. Why not? Because aiding and abetting these pro-life groups is a scam. Believe it or not, there are people so cloaked in a self-serving agenda (saving babies) that they find it hard to accept that corrupt religious leaders and “conservative” politicians are cunning, devious, and ruthless. The pipeline of money from naive pro-life people into the coffers of greedy religious leaders into the Cayman Islands back accounts of “conservative” politicians, is priceless. However, well educated, financially successful women in America will never be restricted from their constitutional rights to seek a medically safe and legal abortion. Why? Because pro-life is an linguistic code for “easy prey” in the conservative world.

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