Profits over People

Need I remind you that we have an entire political party so ego-driven, they have no qualms putting profits over people. Let me count the ways. Voter suppression, Marriage Inequality, Income Inequality, Oppressing women’s rights, Small Government and cut taxes for the wealthy scam, and by any means necessary to make a profit. The NFL, like most corporations, put profits over people and like most corporations, what’s done in the dark, comes to light. We have a good old fashion, profits over people scandal going on in the NFL. This is the life of the Gordon Gekko’s of this world. You know, where greed is good. 😀 Listen, we’ve seen this movie before, good or bad, it’s all fun and games until Gordon Gekko’s corruption is exposed. Then (the part of this movie we enjoy) Gordon Gekko gets his comeuppance. He panics, look desperate, and reveal to the world, his vulnerabilities, loneliness, fear, and desperation. Why, because profits over people is insanity.

You and I are worthy of a livable wage starting with a fifteen (15) dollar minimum wage law.

Divine visionary leaders of the 21st Century are advocates of a fifteen (15) dollar minimum wage law. Voters of America, this year we have the opportunity to elect more 21st Century leaders. Anything could happen!

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