Honoring Your Worthiness to Vote

comes from Americans, most of whom are on a path of Democracy, while simultaneously some Americans, most of whom are male, show a callous disregard for the worthiness of others to vote. Just as sociopaths have gut-wrenching excuses for their crimes against humanity, dishonoring the worthiness of others to vote, same difference. Despite the harm they caused to others, Republican Governors glibly rationalized their decisions not to expand Medicare or blamed their decision on someone else. Ironically, nothing compares to the corruptness of these ego-driven politicians. Their greed surpassed Gordon Gekko, and their lack of empathy or guilt allowed them to lie with ease. The good news, some 21st Century Journalists love them, because believe it or not, writing about scandals, corruption, and deceit is profitable.

There is a spiritually solution to every challenge we face. This is a perfect moment to honor your worthiness and the worthiness of everybody to vote.

You and I are also worthy of Income Equality.

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