The Wisdom of Income Equality

I honor the millions of hard-working Americans and their worthiness to receive Income Equality. The fifteen (15) dollars minimum wage Income Equality. The livable wage Income Equality. You know, the Income Equality a lot of us already enjoy. If you roll like I roll, then you know, Income Equality is already here. How are you going to handle more money? I don’t know about you, but the journey I’d chosen, “Investing in Income Equality,” pays big dividends.

While most people are caught up in the storm swirling around Ray and Janay Rice, astute observers like the center of this storm. We see an entire political party, most of whom are male, that consistently show a callous disregard for the rights and feelings of women. Let me count the ways:

C’mon, you feeling me? Whatever you think about Ray and Janey Rice, they are a distraction at best, or, a holographic image of an entire political party, at worse. Republican politicians are Ray Rice, and Republican voters are Janay.

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