Grifters and the Art of Scapegoating

The image adopted by Bob McDonnell was on full display at the 2012 CPAC. Although it took him decades to mastering the art of scapegoating, it paid off. Bob McDonnell gave one of the best image adopted performances at the 2012 CPAC, while simultaneously knee deep in corruption. I’m beginning to appreciate Bob McDonnell and his seedy, shady, underhanded, deceptive, ruthless, and predatory nature. Like some, I too enjoy reading the lives of Grifters.

Let me be the first to admit, I’m a Bob McDonnell’s apologists. The only “crime” Bob and Maureen are guilty of is, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” With that said, I now understand why conservative women were silent on the throw Maureen under the bus tactic. Why stand in the way of progress, Bob McDonnell was entitled to becoming the next POTUS. Only a fool would choose loyalty over power. Grifters know spouses are fair game.

The new sheriff in town named, “Income Equality” is no friend to Grifters. A fifteen dollar minimum wage is Income Equality’s BFF.

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