Basic Strategies of Grifters

After the shock wears off, Grifters like Bob McDonnell will naturally, “Play the Victim Card.” Of course Johnnie Williams’s name will be synonymous with secret agent. That the current POTUS ordered Mr. Williams to corrupt Bob McDonnell with money and gifts. That it was Mr. Williams’s idea to blame Mrs. McDonnell. I can just hear all those apologists swearing they know Bob McDonnell was set up by Democrats, that it was foul play, that Bob McDonnell is really innocent, by their standards.

By now everybody has seen the one scam Grifters do well, “Play the Victim Card.” A useful scam, because it puts others on the defensive while simultaneously concealing the Grifter’s complicity.

However, this cautionary tale of another Grifter’s comeuppance was made possible by the new sheriff in town, Income Equality.

You and I are worthy of Abundance.

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