Increase the Minimum Wage to Fifteen (15) Dollars

You know you’re in political hell when you have to attack your political opponent with some lame ass, “Protecting our borders” nonsense. I’m visiting some family in one of the four border states and I can say with confidence that the political waste of money goes on everywhere. I’m talking about political ads attacking and or lying about Democrats. In the state that I do reside in, the Republican candidate’s ads are full of lies and pathetic attacks against Democrat opponents, in other words, Republican have nothing to offer except fear. In this border state that I’m visiting, the rhetoric of protecting the borders is just another fear tactic by out of touch politicians. Listen, Americans are worthy of a fifteen (15) dollars minimum wage and the list goes up from there, like marriage equality, protecting voters rights, you feeling me?  😀

Trickle up economics. We are so worthy. 😀