Commemorate Voting

Please, mark your calendars for the next election on, Tuesday, November 4, 2014, with the word, “Holiday.” Listen, representation in our local, state, and federal governments will bring peace to our communities and with peace comes worthiness and with worthiness comes our greatest version. Oh, and by the way, leave the political fighting to those of us willing to take it on and you just enjoy your voting holidays. 

Can we just forgive all those Instigators and Agitators swirling around Ferguson Missouri behaving with malice, or sitting in front of a microphone, spewing insidious lies. See, they are really doing us a favor. One way of knowing we are centered and at peace, is detaching from the swirl of negativism around us. In other words, they [Instigators and Agitators] are not at peace. Forgiveness may be the one thing they need, to jolt them off their path of fear, onto a new path of peace. 

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