Our Attraction to Healers

grows expeditiously and for that I’m grateful. With all the storm of negativity swirling around in Ferguson Missouri, centered in the moment was Capt. Ronald Johnson, healer extraordinaire. He will not be the last healer to cross paths with Ferguson Missouri and other Ferguson Missouri communities. This is a perfect moment for honoring the worthiness of every American. 

Feeling worthy of equality has its benefits. Realizing that every moment is a moment to be thankful. The ability everyday to ascend into the centered of that ego-driven storm of negativity that swirls around you. Best of all, feelings of calmness and peacefulness that are contagious. That’s why the majority of Ferguson Missouri residents had ascended into the centered, a few are still stuck in the storm, that’s ok, we won’t give up on them, they just need an extra dose of healing. 

You and I are worthy of Income Equality, of a livable wage, of a fifteen dollar minimum wage law. Are you feeling me? 😀

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