Saturate the Benefits of Income Equality

Into the conversation and at the same time you’ll be honoring the worthiness of every American. I would love to see a debate on increasing the minimum wage to fifteen dollars. Unemployment rates would decrease expeditiously. Communities like Ferguson Missouri would prosper. Emphasis on future successes as in, more consumers equal more entrepreneurs. More entrepreneurs equal more jobs. More jobs equal more consumers. The cycle of Income Equality. Preparing for the influx of more income, will be as exciting as managing this income in communities like Ferguson Missouri. Understand this, the saturation of dialogue on Income Equality will lead to a saturation of feeling more worthy.  

Will a fifteen dollar minimum wage law in America benefit communities like Ferguson Missouri?

Income Equality is literally in our voting hands. 

Your mission political pundits, should you decide to accept it, discuss the merits of Income Equality on communities like Ferguson Missouri.

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