You gotta Love Contentious People

Conservatives/Republicans are equal opportunity offenders, for a very good reason. Yea, they initiate laws based on their interpretation of the bible, so what, they only want to offend you and keep you distracted while they heist our Government. Believe the hype, or should I say, believe the corporate media’s propaganda on a war between Democrats and Republicans. Here’s a little secret, Democrats already won that war, its over, thing of the past, kaput. However, the civil war inside the Republican Party, you know, Tea Party vs established Republicans is far from over. Those ego-driven, contentious people, full of rage and hostility, are at each others throats. Oh yea, it’s brutal, all the backstabbing, capitulating, revenge, greed, fear, and abandonment issues are being played out on our national political stage. 

Take notes astute observers, let the next generation know how Democrats honored the worthiness of contentious people. 

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