Fraud and the Republican civil war

Once again the Tea Party backed Ted Cruz publicly forced established Republican, John Boehner to capitulate to his demands, but corporate media steered the conversation onto John Boehner’s response to our President’s actions in Iraq. Seriously, the coward John Boehner is now held in high esteem. OK, two can play this game. 

I get you John Boehner, revenge is a dish best served cold. I don’t blame you for plotting revenge against Ted Cruz and his army of bullies. Cruz humiliated you again in the public arena, so yea, you have every right to win this civil war. Oh, yea, I get why John Boehner is held in high esteem by corporate media. Boehner mastered the art of sabotaging and who better to sabotage than your bully? C’mon, me likey the brutal civil war between Ted Cruz defecto president of the Tea Party and John Boehner, a cowardly and revengeful man. Hey, I’ll admit that John Boehner should be held in high esteem for his revenge on the Tea Party. 😀 

Abundance is abundance. 

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