Our war of Necessity.

You read it here first, we, patriots of Democracy, conceived and perfectly implemented the war of necessity between established Republicans and the Tea Party. Necessary, and well-executed are the reasons this is a perfect moment. How funny is it watching Republicans scurrying in public, afraid of people who don’t share their, “The rich get richer and the poor keeps getting poorer,” scam? You could make a fortune video tapping Republican’s hurried and confused moments. Rand Paul was first in line. Was it just me, or did you see Rand Paul scurrying and looking for a place to hide when approached by two Latinos. Can you believe this guy wants to be President of the U.S. Who in their right mind wants another scurrying George W. Bush administration? 

The civil war between the Confederate States of America, aka, Tea Party vs. established Republicans will be entertaining us for a long time. 


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