Changing the unhealthy habits of voters.

Those of us who vote for Democracy, feel an astounding peace flowing effortlessly through us. Peace as in honoring the worthiness of every American and our worthiness to receiving abundance.

Elections have consequences and depending on your perspective, you’ll see the humor or fear. It’s humorous that the Tea Party continues biting the hand of the established Republicans. Established Republicans invited the Tea Party in, feed them their manipulative tactics, as well as strategies to swindling Republican voters, then the Tea Party bit their hand. The fun part, the 20th Century corporate media apparatus also preys on Republican voters. By manipulating the “Headlines” constantly vilifying the President and/or the Democrat Party, the 20th Century media distracts from the more lucrative stories of the civil war inside the Republican Party. Spineless Republicans vs. the legacy of the Confederacy Republicans.

Immigration Reform failed because spineless Republicans kowtowed once again to the Confederate States of American Party, aka the Tea Party.

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