Ken Blackwell in the Return of the Mack

Bravo to Ken Blackwell’s talent of constantly sizing up Conservative voters as a source of money, power, sex, or influence. This time it’s immigration reform and by vilifying Democrats, manipulators like Ken Blackwell are making a come-back. So glad to see the return of the Mack, Ken Blackwell. By vilifying Democrats, which by the way, Ken Blackwell is an expert at, takes the focus off of established Republicans cowardliness. Their shameful lack of courage and constant surrendering to the extreme Tea Party, is at best, spineless, at worse, spinelessness. Seriously, Ken Blackwell, thanks to you, we had our best glimpse of how this scam will proceed. Your performance on MSNBC, was revealing, even more than your Cheshire cat grin. Can’t wait to see your encore performances. I feel you, Ken Blackwell, cause the look in your eyes revealed, that you had waited patiently for the perfect scam cross your path. Now you have it. Good Luck.

Immigration Reform failed because established Republicans are too busy groveling to the paranoid and tortured consciousness of their Tea Party members.

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