Dances with Insanity

Once upon a stormy night (The beginning of the Presidency of Barack Obama) established Republicans were so mired in shock, they made a fatal mistake. They invited the Tea Party to dance with them. Now the Tea Party is torturing established Republicans and doing so publicly.

In 2008, established Republicans praised the Tea Party’s motivation in plotting to sabotage the Presidency of Barack Obama. Today, the Tea Party have their sights on sabotaging established Republicans. You know the old saying, “Karma is a bit*h.” 

If or when established Republicans recognized that Liberals are the least of their problems, because the 20th Century corporate media apparatus are profiting from instigating this, “Conservative vs. Liberal” fight, the day established Republicans take back their dignity. It was a brilliant scheme for the Tea Party to proposed a collaboration with established Republican, get initiated, then turn the tables.


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