Extravagant Public Meltdowns

Speaker of the House, John Boehner, gave us an extravagant public meltdown yesterday, because he [Boehner] got caught pissing on the Tea Party and telling them it was raining. In his zest to minimize the damage, Boehner went further and embarrassed the established Republicans when he made public his frivolous lawsuit. While President Obama made the most out of the power of the present, John Boehner’s scam rapidly revealed itself to the public, so much so, that he [Boehner] had an extravagant public meltdown. 

As if that weren’t enough, we have other “Conservatives” having extravagant public meltdowns. There was the conniption fit over Rosie ODonnell’s return to “The View.” A Right Wing Hustler’s old scam of selling embarrassing conspiracies. A Republican Governor’s continued public display of unintelligent responses. The notorious brothers unknowingly a source of higher Obamacare enrollment. It was a good day. 😀

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