Happy Journey

In our 21st century reality, those who teach are held in high esteem and have endless opportunities. Nourishing the minds of financially matured Income Equality Newbies, has its benefits. Look over the horizon, see the influx of Americans earning a livable wage and seeking the best financial advice their money can buy and astronomical increasing consumers confidence. Sure, there will be some Americans afflicted with financial immaturity,  so what, it’ll help them when they transcend to becoming a teacher, like yours truly. Happy journey is all I can say. 

Every working American is worthy of Income Equality. Doesn’t matter what you do, because Income Equality doesn’t particularize. Earning a livable wage is the less we can do for every worker in America.

The 20th century money, power, sex or influence game played by the super rich and their boy toys, i.e. politicians, is a guilty pleasure for astute observers to watch and blog about.  So much deception, so much drama, so many scandals, is it wrong that I’m smiling? 😀

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