Don’t Hate the Players, Hate the Game

The 20th century, money, power, sex or influence game and the players, aka the Oligarchy, are con artists. Listen, “I got one less problem without you.” Hold up player, I am my own expert and I allow others the same privilege.

Is it not an abundance of failed scams from the Roberts court, that are and will be lucrative for Bloggers to blog about for the rest of this century? C’mon, does it get any better than the failure of Citizens United, that paved the way for more failures, like gutting the voting rights act. Need I say more. 😀

The abundance of the super rich get richer, while the poor keeps getting poorer scams, perpetrated in the dark, by yours truly, the Oligarchy, that are fun for Bloggers to bring into the light, seventh heaven.

The Creme de la creme, the abundance of infinite intelligence flowing from the POTUS and his administration, priceless, they make the 21st century game look easy to astute observers.