The Fables of Corporate Media

Some of us work for a living, but get paid an allowance, while corporate executives rake in thousands or millions in salaries and bonuses. Luckily for these Gordon Gekkos, their corporate media apparatus intentionally keeps millions of workers living in denial, one lie at a time.
The inmates running this particular asylum, coupled with some well-known celebrities, enjoy hyping this annual Thanksgiving Day parade, while ignoring the low wages this same corporation pays their hourly employees. The next time a retail employee asked you to open credit and you say no, you just denied them a raise. Oh, you didn’t know, ask yourself, “Why do I get solicited to open credit on every shopping trip?” Because that employee’s annual raise is determined by how many customers applied for credit. Translation, thousands of retail employees don’t receive an annual raise. There are two solutions, 1: Every customer should apply for credit every time they shop, so what if you ruin your credit, you’ll be helping a retail employee get a raise, or, 2: You could complain, via email, to the corporation about being solicited to open credit every time you shop. It’s as annoying to you, as it is to retail employees. This strategy only benefits corporate executives and their bank accounts. 😀 Kinda explains why the service is so insidious. Want great service, you have to pay for it, fifteen (15) dollars minimum wage is a good start. 

Income Equality would be a perfect theme for this year’s Thanksgiving Day parade.