The Umpteenth Comeuppance of the Tea Party.

Woke up this morning to John Boehner’s new scam, i.e. “Boehner suing Obama.” Listen, his [Boehner] ability to piss on the tea party and tell them it’s raining, is hilarious. Boehner is not alone, no, Corporate media executives approve of this scam. The longer this piss party goes on, the longer corporate media can swindled the tea party. Drink up Boehner. 

Who would have thunk that the racist intent of Republican’s voter suppression laws would encourage more Democrats to vote. Did the Roberts court gut the voters rights act as a victory trophy? Is voter suppression a subterfuge that Democrats used to regain the majorities in the House and Senate? Inquiring minds like Chris McDaniel want to know. 😀

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