The Fables of Corporate Media

One of the more illusive tactics in corporate media’s apparatus is, “Piss on their leg and tell them it’s raining.”  When people aligned themselves with corporate media’s fear and paranoia rhetoric, 24/7, aka FOXNEWS, only God can help them. They are beyond our help, we may want to focus on the next generation with social influences that include, but not limited to, Democracy. 

Astute observers are impressed by corporate media’s ENTITLEMENT persona. Indeed, it does trickle down, all the way down to their victims. Ever wonder why arrogance is held in high esteem in the corporate media apparatus? Sense of entitlement, what else could it be? For Bloggers, its like Christmas morning, we are so lucky, we get to watch corporate media’s 20th century tactic from their, “How to catch a sucker,” play book. Rule #1: Piss on their leg and tell them it’s raining.  

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