Hip Hop Dynasty

While the cat is away, the mouse will play. I could be wrong, but the Oligarchy are unfazed by their absenteeism in the 21st century. Is it wrong that I’m smiling? 😀 All I can say, “Let the music play.” Play and amass billions of dollars. I’m impressed by the ingenuity of hip hop artists, especially their creations of the Dre Dynasty, West Dynasty, Carter Dynasty, Cannon Dynasty, Cash Money Dynasty…etc!  

Bloggers like me are optimistic about our future and look forward to new challenges to our Democracy. Conservative Billionaires will still be living in the 20th century, selling and trading insidious lies and scapegoating on their corporate media apparatus. Con artists formally known as “Corporate Media Executives,” enjoy preying on Republican voter’s weaknesses while holding out the carrot stick of security, i.e. electing Republicans. On the other hand, more lucrative scandals for Bloggers to expose and/or comment about.

Abundance is abundance.