Is You Is, or Is You Ain’t

As for me, I’m both kind and judgmental all on the same blog page. The art of Blogging is listening to and sharing your creative voice. Your creative voice flows effortlessly upon the receiver, then flows back to you ten fold. You know you’re on purpose and your energy is boundless. Is you kind, or is you ain’t?

Look, I’m not going to lie, I’m judgmental and it feels so good. Republicans are the Keystone Kops of politics. Their recent tantrum about the American soldier released from captivity by any means necessary, was at best, Chicken Little on steroids. Although, I give them a lot of credit, because their performances are held in high esteem by their easily manipulated voters. Is you manipulated, or is you ain’t?

From the pages of IncomeEqualityipedia, Seattle raised its minimum wage to fifteen dollars proving Americans got their minds on their money and their money on their minds. 😀