I Love Me, Flaws and All

Opportunities, I’m talking about the heart-felt lucrative ones, I refer to as, “Fine Jewelry” income, are plentiful.  Exciting opportunities for creative, talented, and disciplined bloggers.  That about covers every single person with a blog. You and I are worthy of Income Equality, our parents paved the way. I love them, flaws and all!

Listen, did you hear the collective voices of older Republican voters say, “F*&k you Karl Rove?” The master manipulator, Karl Rove, initiated the “Vilifying older Americans as unworthy,” tactic and unwillingly pissed off the wrong voters, i.e. older and sane Republican voters. By attacking Hilary Clinton’s age and mental capacity, Rove leap into the abyss of saboteurs of Conservatism. With friends like Karl Rove, no wonder the Republican Party’s influence had shrunk so small, it can fit inside a bathtub.   


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