Karl Rove and the Delusional Factory

I feel your guilty pleasure from watching Karl Rove making the inmates at the asylum look sane. Dismiss all thoughts of shame and share your laughter with others throughout your day. Your willingness to take on the challenges of Income Equality are commendable. Fortunately, we take for granted our access to the internet because we can. Millions of Americans, because they live in poverty, at best, struggle and don’t take for granted having access to the internet. Seeing them as millions of dollars of new online revenue feels exciting and worthy of any efforts to raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars. We love disposal income, because it affords us the financial power to buy technology. These intelligent toys (computers, internet access,smart phones, etc…) are for any generation and are fun to own.

Income Equality feels like sunshine, warm and loving, so, I’m not mad at the opponents of Income Equality, because their worthiness is part of this journey, they make me laugh. 😀