Income Equality Just Mopped the Floor

With her opponents’ tears. Astute observers are a bit amused by practitioners of the tactic known as “Playing the victim role.” Some Corporations use this tactic to put their hourly workers on the defensive, i.e., loss of jobs, while simultaneously concealing the Corporation’s intent to profit off the backs of their hourly workers. Millions of Americans had abandoned and are abandoning this level of gluttony, greed, and wickedness. Time to move on to Income Equality and that means honoring your worthiness and the worthiness of every American to receive abundance. Our mission statement: Income Equality. U feeling me?

Citizens United was bred from the debauchery mindset of the Donald Sterlings of this world. Voter suppression was bred from the unstable mindset of the Cliven Bundys of this world. 

Let’s ban the Donald Sterlings and Cliven Bundys of this world from elected office by showing up and voting, “YES” to Democracy.



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