Income Equality, I’m Loving it

When Republican Governors rejected the Medicaid expansion, denying thousands of Americans access to quality healthcare, it was their umpteenth debut of the Donald Sterling’s philosophy. C’mon, the GOP and the Donald Sterlings of this world, are identical. Except, one is held in high esteem and the other is rebutted. Same mask, different occupations. However, we have within our hands, the means to reject the GOPer’s Donald Sterling philosophy by showing up on November 4, 2014, and voting, “YES” for Democracy. 

My inspiration comes from the millions of Americans honoring their worthiness to receive a fifteen dollars minimum wage. They’re doing all the heavy lifting to advance their agenda with ingenuity and togetherness. Opponents of Income Equality are seven deadly sins in denial. The Gordon Gekkos of the asylum. The Tony Sopranos of Romper Room. 

The journey of income equality is awesome!


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