The Lucrative Journey of Income Equality Part Twenty-One

At some point, you and I will start the journey of healing. For some, it will be a public start, for others, it will remain private. For Donald Sterling, his biggest temptation is seeing himself as a victim and allowing his enablers to sabotage every step he should take. It’s his fight now, lets move on to allowing all the enablers of the Oligarchy to heal from their public defeat. You know them as the flag wavers, conceding the failure of Citizens United by conjuring voter fraud. What a scam, proclaiming defeat, while creating an illusion to victory. 

We can look forward to seeing Citizens United’s exhibit in the Bernie Madoff’s museum of fraudulent schemes.   

Like I’d said, “There’s a new sheriff in town and her name is Democracy.” Meet her first deputy, Obamacare and her second deputy, Income Equality. We, hard-working Americans prefer Democracy and I second that emotion! All in favor, show up this November and vote, “YES” to Income Equality.  

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