The Lucrative Journey of Income Equality Part Seventeen

Indulge me for one moment, I’m feeling romantic to the degree of telling you a love story. A very successful and wise matchmaker was solicited by Obamacare to find him a mate. The matchmaker introduced Obamacare to Income Equality, they felled in love, and are now engaged to be married on November 4, 2014. Our invitations to this wedding and reception reads, “Show up and vote, “YES” for Democracy.” Don’t get me twisted, I do understand the level of consciousness displayed by millions of Americans against Democracy. This wedding could be postponed.:( Any hoot, at least and inadvertently, the Republican’s voter suppression laws exposed the Oligarchy’s biggest strategic failure of this decade, Citizens United. 

Thankfully, we have at this moment, strategic geniuses leveling the playing field for Democracy to advance. It’s no wonder, their infinite intelligence, patience, and determination are not missed by this observer. 

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