The Lucrative Journey of Income Equality Part Thirteen

Let me explain how our generosity has no bounds. We, hard-working Americans had been generous for decades to the wealthiest among us, when it came to our wages. Today, our generosity has come home to roost for millions of Americans living on depressed wages. Listen, we already know how generous we are, Obamacare. In 2006 and again in 2008, we took the first steps in healthcare reform, went to the ballot box, and voted, “YES” on Obamacare and many other achievements. Let’s do it again, this time voting, “YES” on Income Equality. Relax, we got this, access to quality healthcare coupled with a minimum wage increase to $10.10, are the first steps in Income Equality. Oh, and by the way, exercising our ingenuity on Obamacare and Income Equality, Voter Equality, Marriage Equality, Immigration Equality, Religious Equality, etc…feels like Democracy.

Americans are reunited and it feels so good! 



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